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All the data you need in one place

Stop wasting time going from Yahoo to StockInvest and back to Tradingview to decide which stock to invest in.

With tradestats you can write your own queries and succeed in a fast-paced world.

Ready to find your new investment

Filter through the data and find the most promising tickers. Sort based on expected growth or select only tickers that Zacks find promising enought to buy.


What do I get?

We are scraping daily thousands of URLs to get data about your favourite tickers. Don't waste your time neither your money switching apps all day long to make a sophisticated decision. All the data you need are here for you to take action.

Bull MarketsWe identify bullish tickers daily. We hate bears, guess you too?
Data PipelineChecking 900 tickers is hard. We try to provide the data in the most user-friendly way.
DisclaimerWe are not financial advisors. Any trading decision you make is performed by you and you only.


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